Genesis 1  
Exodus 2 Noah pointing to Exit Exodus sign
Leviticus 3 Ma levitating leviticus
Numbers 4 rye bubles with numbers on them
Deuteronomy 5 Law with shooter deuter
Joshua 6 Shoe is Joshes Galoshes
Judges 7 Cow with Judge wooldreidge on back
Ruth 8 Ruth wrapped in ivy
1 Samuel 9 bees around Sam Sam
2 Samuel 10 Bees around Sam Sam toes
1 Kings 11 teats of Kings
2 Kings 12 King with tin can begging
1 Chronicles 13 in tomb reading Chronicles
2 Chronicles 14 tires in the tomb with chronicles
Ezra 15 Ezra with towel with Z pattern
Nehemiah 16 Kneeling on a dish
Esther 17 Ester with duck "feather"
Job 18 job raising doves
Psalm 19 palm trees in a tub
Proverbs 20 proverbs in a nose
Ecclesiastes 21 enthusiastically racing around with butterfly net
Song of Solomon 22 nuns singing songs of solomon
Isaiah 23 Isay again, my name is Isaiah
Jeremiah 24 Nero on Guitar with cousin Jeremiah
Lamentations 25 Nail in hands Lamenting
Ezekiel 26 its Easy to make notches in wood
Daniel 27 neck of Daniel boone very long
Hosea 28 knife in hose of Hosea
Joel 29 knob to billy Joel's room
Amos 30 mouse in Amos mouth
Obadiah 31 mitts juggling obladee obladah
Jonah 32 Jona is becoming real Man
Micah 33 MICHAel is a mummy
Nahum 34 Mare is riding by Nathan Naham
Habakkuk 35 Mail man is delivering "Have a cup" Habacup Habakkuk
Zephaniah 36 match lit by stephanie zephanie zephaniah
Haggai 37 mug shot of Haggar Haggai the horrible
Zechariah 38 movie watching with Zach Zechariah
Malachi 39 mopping D71Malachi
Matthew 40 rose in Matt the rat lapel
Mark 41 Rat raised by Mark
Luke 42 rain on cool hand Luke
John 43 Ram ridden by uncle John
Acts 44 rare acts of kindness
Romans 45 rule of Romans
1 Corinthians 46 roaches cookarachas corinthians
2 Corinthians 47 rocks cookarachas corinthians
Galatians 48 roof blown off by gale force galations
Ephesians 49 rope between gypsy GEPC
Philippians 50 Lacey shorts on Philip Philippians McCracken
Colossians 51 Lid smoked by Coloseum Colossians
1 Thessalonians 52 Lazy Lyn Thespian Thessalonian
2 Thessalonians 53 Loom Lazy Lyn
1 Timothy 54 Lair set by Timothy McClain
2 Timothy 55 Lilly steped on my Timothy McClain
Titus 56 Leaches can give you tetnus Titus
Philemon 57 Log rolling by Philmon
Hebrews 58 Leaflets by Hebrew missionaries
James 59 ear Lobes of James are with earings
1 Peter 60 Cheese eating Peter Wolf
2 Peter 61 "dump" #2 by Peter Wolf
1 John 62 chain by John Wolf
2 John 63 shame by John Wolf
3 John 64 chair sat on by John Wolf
Jude 65 jail house gang singing HEY JUDE
Revelation 66 choo choo end of train